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We can clean, sharpen, and polish your knife. Our in-store service typically takes one day. Basic charge is $2 for a folder, with $1 per additional blade to be sharpened. Serrated blades cost $5 each if sharpened back to deep serrations. What we recommend for most blades instead, is to continue the cutting edge across the serrations as they wear. This creates a wavy edge rather than a jagged one, and most customers find this to be easier, cheaper, and more useful.

Larger nicks or blade damage including chips, bends, and severe rust can often be repaired to a much better condition than one would think. Each such repair is on a case-by-case basis, and starts at $5 for small blades. It is often worth repairing your favorite knife rather than throwing that trusted friend away. Please stop in and see if we can help you.

Major repair, including replacing handles, regrinding broken or worn blades, serious bends or damage to blade temper caused by extreme heat can often be accomplished. Such repairs start at $10, however they can be much more. This basic price is listed so as to encourage the customer to ask, rather than wasting a good knife. While $10 often is sufficient, repair may run more than blade replacement. You won’t know unless you ask, and we can’t tell you without seeing it.

Swords can be sharpened, but factors such as sword design and purpose, size, use, etc will affect both the feasibility and cost. Repair of hilts, guards, blades, etc are all within our capabilities. Sword sharpening/repair starts at $10, but can often run over $100. Again, we’ll need to see the blade to give a precise figure.

We can repair or replace sheaths for most blades. To quote on manufacturing a sheath, we’ll need a tracing of the knife/sword outline, it’s thickness, the style of sheath, and whether the user is right or left handed. Repairs start at $3, sheaths start at $10 for knives, $60 for most swords.

Any of the above can be done by mail, but the customer will have to pay shipping both ways in addition to service charge. We’ll be happy to take care of several blades at once to reduce shipping expenses. Please contact us first regarding shipment, so we can both be aware of any special needs. Do not send a piece to us without return shipment paid, as we will be unable to accept it or return it.

Value Estimates/Appraisals

Estimates and appraisals differ. We recommend you start with an estimate. This is our professional opinion of a blade’s value for purposes of buying insurance or selling it. These are free, and done on an availability basis. We can often do this in only a few minutes in store. Over the phone, we cannot be nearly as accurate, as many details are only discernible in person.

An appraisal is our documented, professional opinion as to what a specific piece is, ascertaining as well as possible it’s origin, age, value, and historical interest. We charge for this service. Basic fee is $5, but can cost more depending on the research necessary to obtain confirming evidence. We will set the fee up front, and if we cannot assist with a particular piece, will give you a free referral to someone who specializes in that aspect, if we can.

Expert witness for legal defense

We will be happy to work with attorneys on legal defense regarding knife law violations. Typical issues include historical and legal definitions of “dagger, dirk, switchblade, dangerous knife, deadly weapon,” etc. We can help you and your client by providing clear historical documentation, reference to other attorneys with case histories in this field, and certification of the use and need to carry various blades. Initial consultation is free. Charge is by the hour in office or court, plus travel expenses.

It is possible for us to assist prosecutors also, but it will depend on the specific law in question as to whether we feel we can help such a case.

Knife selection and use

We are happy to advise on a type of knife for a particular application. We can tailor it to fit a budget, space, mode of carry, style, etc. We also stock assorted multitools, binoculars and flashlights, as well as police and self-defense gear. Typically, we do not charge for this service. If the application requires research, we may charge a nominal fee, refundable with purchase.

Educational lectures

We offer free presentations on our areas of expertise to educators and civic organizations. We can discuss the history of cutlery, armor, the historical aspects of reconstruction and manufacture of arms, armor and garb, and can cover much of life in the early Middle Ages.

Instruction in knife making/repair

Currently, we are not taking students or apprentices, as our shop lacks room and assets. Hopefully, we will shortly have a facility large enough to be able to share our skill in the crafts.

Custom blades and sheaths

We can design and/or manufacture to your specifications any custom blade or sheath. Our areas of greatest experience are in historical reproductions from the Roman era to the Renaissance, and modern tactical/fighting knives. However, we’ve also done sabers, US Civil War bowies, outright fantasy and presentation pieces. We gladly provide them right- or left-handed, just let us know which you need.

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