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"Principal photography by Oleg Volk.
Other photographs by Mike Williamson and John Eaves."

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Thistle Bodice Dagger
by John the Blacksmith

This lovely lady's bodice dagger features a brass blade and hilt with an amber flower. Very comfortable to wear or hold, and slots right into a laced bodice. 5" overall.

Starts at $60.00

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"The Battle Bitch"
by Michael Z. Williamson

16" overall, 10.5" blade of ATS-34, high carbon or Damascus. Hilted in exotic wood, horn or artificial materials. Fittings of brass or stainless. Shown here with Bocote hilt, brass fittings and ATS-34 blade. With leather or kydex sheath.

From $300.00
Spacer.jpg (41426 bytes) Slim Dagger
by Michael Z. Williamson

6" blade with choice of exotic wood or horn handle, set off by brass or nickel silver spacers.

Leather sheath included.

From $100.00
Pearl1.JPG (88214 bytes) Mother of Pearl Hilted Court Dagger
by John the Blacksmith

Tastefully embellished and finely finished.

Comes with a velvet lined presentation case.

From $350.00
King's Dagger
by Michael Z. Williamson

12" blade with fluted handle of wood, horn, ivory or artificial pearl. Semi-precious stone set in pommel. Shown here: imitation ivory and red tiger-eye.

Leather sheath included.

From $200.00

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Dress Schlager
by John the Blacksmith

Schlager blade by France Lames, hilted in amber, horn and brass. Extensively decorated and fileworked. Competition legal for many re-enactment groups.

With sheath.

Starts at $300.00
Bigdag.jpg (41647 bytes) Large Fighting Dagger
by Michael Z. Williamson

12" blade, robust grip and tang. Plain wood handle and solid guard with hex, pyramid or round pommel. Spacers extra. Leather sheath included.

From $100.00
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Arabian Nights Dagger
by John the Blacksmith

Hilted and sheathed in impala horn, with silver fittings, set with garnet, amethyst and amber.
Comes in a velvet-lined presentation box.

From $375.00
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Court Masterpiece
by Michael Z. Williamson

Fluted grip with inlaid wire, pommel set with stone, wooden scabbard with metal fittings and embellishment. Shown with colored maple burl and tiger-eye with bocote scabbard.

From $400.00
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Bronze-headed Crescent Blade Polearm by John the Blacksmith

Double-ended and a great fantasy piece. Hardwood hafted, about 48" long.

From $250.00

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Skean Dhu
by Michael Z. Williamson The traditional side-knife of Scotland.

These handy little blades tuck into belts, stockings, and anywhere else a flat blade goes well.
Crafted in carbon steel, stainless steel, or pattern-welded.
Hilts are in a variety of woods, horns or artificial materials. Leather sheath included.

Priced from $65.00
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Viking or Saxon seax style Blades Priced on request.
These can be fine finished or left rough from the forge for character.
12" bladed large seax from $75, 4" from $35, hilted in walnut or maple.
Exotic woods, horn and Damascus steel additional. Available as a matched pair, and with accessories like sharpening steel, spoon, bottle opener and hand wrought corkscrew. While the latter isn't entirely Viking, it's very practical.

Stainless steel letter opener.

Hilted in fine woods or horn.
Moose antler shown.

From $35.00

Rough-forged utility knife.

These are made from our leftover springs, shear blades or other tool steels, forged and treated for a rustic look. 3" to 4" blade (varies), with leather thonged neck sheath. $25
Langseax. 24" overall, big enough to fight with, not big enough to trip over. Also great as a drawknife, froe, or for chopping wood.

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