Sharp Pointy Things


Damaged or worn out knives can often be restored.

Please keep in mind that knives and swords of historical interest will probably be worth more to collectors if left as is. We can advise on preservation, though generally, it comes down to oil and a dry environment.

If the item is worth more to you for sentimental or utility purposes, please send a clear photo and we'll tell you if we're able to proceed. After that, we'll usually need detailed photos or the item in hand for a quote.

Often, repair cost will exceed replacement cost. If it's of sentimental value, it may be worth proceeding. Otherwise, even the best knife eventually has to be recycled.

    Common things we deal with include:

  • Replacing rotten sheaths.
  • Regrinding to remove nicks or broken tips.
  • Polishing out rust, pitting or excessive scratching.
  • Replacing blades on folders.
  • Replacing handles.
  • Straightening bent blades.

Anything can be repaired, but the usual limit on doing so is cost.



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