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  • Custom Knives

    Saxon-Viking Peasant Knife

    Saxon/Viking style peasant knife. 3.5" blade, hardwood handle, fitted sheath. Works for early Medieval period.

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  • Specials

    Rubber Training Knife

    Rubber training knife, shaped like the classic sub hilt fighter. $10, including domestic shipping.

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  • Antiques


    I believe this to be Indonesian. It dates from late to post WWII.

    16-3/8" blade, 21-3/8" OAL. Blade is billet steel, tapering from 1/4" thick at the hilt, 2" wide. Chisel beveled on left side. Well patinated but no deep pits. Some recent surface cor ... [more].

    Image for Golok.

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Please note: At this time, we are only performing repairs and sharpening. Our backlog is too great to take orders for new knives and swords. Do please check back, and as soon as we dig out we will be happy to take your money.

Michael Z. Williamson is an expert with over thirty years experience in the crafting and repair of cutlery and armor. He started with an interest in quality swords, which were not commercially available at the time. The obvious solution was to build his own. The first efforts were crude, heavy, and rather inelegant, but progress was made.

While serving in the U.S. Air Force in an engineering unit, he began repairing and sharpening knives for other unit members. Since leaving active duty and transferring to the reserves, cutlery has been his sole occupation.

Whether selling at trade shows, conventions, or his store; fine kitchen knives, basic pocketknives, high-end folders, military tactical blades, historical reproductions of swords, antiques or custom pieces; cleaning, sharpening, repair, or restoration; he is available to serve your needs.

Mike is also an accomplished writer. To view updates on his upcoming novels and other projects visit:

Greenwood, Indiana, USA
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